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Computer Overheating

If your computer or notebook is overheating, it can cause problems such as the computer locking up, blue screening or crashing, and if left long enough can also cause permanent damage.

Because computers have fan units which suck in and then blow out air, they are magnets for attracting dust and grime. This can be even more true when used in a dirty environment like a factory or workshop, or even if used in bed where lint and fluff can get sucked into the fan unit.

The good news is that usually it is pretty easy to dismantle your computer and clean out the heatsink and fan units. You do need to be careful doing this not to use brushes or cloths which might cause static damage to the electronics inside your computer. Also be careful using a vacuum cleaner or compressed air not to get too close and blow or suck any components or jumpers off the motherboard. If you are in any doubt, we strongly recommend bringing your computer in to have us service it for you.



If fans are noisy or rattling, we recommend swapping out the fan units. In the case of a desktop computer this can be very inexpensive; with a laptop / notebook computer a bit more expensive as the fan units are often proprietary to a particular model of machine.

A good way to tell if your laptop or notebook is running too hot is to run your hand over the bottom of the machine - if it feels too hot, that might mean the cooling system isn't working efficiently. We recommend doing something about it quickly, otherwise you could run into other problems later.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about this or book in your machine for a service.