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Computer running slow

There are a lot of possible reasons that your computer might be running slow. Normally when a client asks us to look at a problem with their computer running slow we will run a number of tests to determine whether there are hardware issues with the computer, software issues (like virus or spyware infections) or the computer is just lacking in resources (like not having enough RAM or enough spare Hard Disk space).

Here is some information that might help you diagnose what is causing your computer to run slowly:


Insufficient System Resources

This is common on a lot of machines running Windows Vista. Windows Vista is well known for being greedy on RAM, especially once it has years of service packs and updates installed. Often Vista machines were supplied with just 1GB of RAM, which is not enough to run at a good speed. You can see how much RAM is free on your computer by pressing CTRL ALT DELETE then choosing TASK MANAGER:

You can check how much Hard Disk space is free by going to My Computer and then right clicking on C:\ drive and choosing Properties. It is usually a good idea to try and keep at least 10% of the drive space free. Often there will be a lot of Temporary Files and other unneeded software which can be removed to clear up space. We can also install a larger hard disk drive, and clone your existing hard disk to it, so that you don't lose any of your existing programs or data, but you'll gain a lot of extra space.


Machine Infected With Viruses

This can often be quite hard to identify to the untrained eye - especially if the virus you have is not showing any overt signs of being there. You can use TASK MANAGER to look at all of the processes which are running and looking at any which have unusual names (often just random letters mixed together). However not all viruses will use such names - sometimes they have quite normal looking names. The best way to start is to make sure you have an up to date antivirus program. If you don't want to pay for the antivirus, you could consider using Microsoft Security Essentials, or AVG Free Edition. If you'd like a more sophisticated, paid product, then we would recommend Kaspersky.

Note that Antivirus products don't always catch every virus, and a lot of malicious software which might spy on you, show you ads, or slow you computer down might not be classed as viruses anyway, so your antivirus product may not detect and remove them for you. There are a number of Spyware or Malware cleaners which can detect more of these annoying pieces of software. A good example is Malwarebytes.

If you do think your computer is infected with viruses and/or spyware and you've not had success in removing it using your Antivirus or Anti-malware product, you might like to utilise our services to give your computer a comprehensive virus and malware scan and removal. We will use a range of software tools, as well as manually inspecting your computer to find and remove all the infections. At the same time we generally remove unneeded software, clean up the machine in general and leave it working a lot faster.