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Custom Computer Builds

Getting a computer custom built can allow you to design the computer just the way you want it in terms of processor speed, RAM, hard disk, optical drive, video card, screen and software.

You might have noticed that most of the package deals available from mass retailers are now being supplied with Windows 8. If you'd prefer Windows 7, then we can still supply this (in fact probably 90% of the machines we sell are still being sold with Windows 7).

We deal with all the major brands of hardware so can customise your machine to your exact requirements - please let us know if you've got specific makes and models of parts in mind and we can include those in the quote.

Or if you're not really sure, just let us know what kind of work you'll be doing with the machine and we can come up with something to match your exact requirements.

The usual kind of questions that we would ask are as follows:

  • Processor - do you want a high end processor for graphics processing or gaming, something mid range for general use, or something basic for low end work like internet browsing or word processing.
  • Graphics - do you want to do CAD, Gaming, Video Editing or anything special with the machine?
  • RAM - do you want to do CAD, Gaming, Video Editing or anything special with the machine?
  • Storage - do you need a large amount of storage for video or photos, do you want a super fast to load machine using SSD hard disks?
  • Case size - do you want it to fit under your desk (upright style mini or midi tower case), or a desktop case, or a super small case that might mount on the back of your screen?
  • Keyboard and mouse - wired or wireless? Ergonomic?
  • Software - Windows 7 or Windows 8.1? Need Microsoft Office? If so, which programs? Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access? Any other software needed?
  • Screen - Small, Medium, Large (19" / 22" / 24" 27")
  • Wireless - need a wireless card?
  • Any other special requirements?